Bazooka Budz app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 9274 ratings )
Developer: Happy Finish LTD
Current version: 6.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Sep 2013
App size: 77.88 Mb

Collect each of the Bazooka Budz characters and battle your mates to win their’s.

Bazooka Budz is an awesome Augmented Reality game (AR) where you can collect the full range of characters from packs of Bazooka sweets. Each Bud has it’s own special move, and was designed by renowned street artist Ronzo.

Once you download the App onto your smart phone, you just need to scan the AR marker & enter the code on the website. You can then battle your mates for fun or for keeps, taking their Budz, and their pride.

You can also share your battles on Facebook, so you and your friends can see who the ultimate Bazooka Budz champion is.
Each Bud represents a different tribe and comes with their own attitude, so collect them all & get battling!

Unlock your Bud
There are 3 ways to unlock a Bud:
1. With a marker
Use this app to scan your Bazooka Budz marker. Enter the full code at and get battling
2. No marker?
Enter the code on the outside of your Bazooka pack or wrapper online at
3. No marker or code?
Register on the app and download Budz at

View your Budz
View all the Budz in this app & get battling to win your mates Budz so that you with theirs. To keep your mates Budz youll need to registered online at

Battle a mates Bud
Use this app to battle a mates Bud and build your collection.
• Choose to play for fun or play for keeps
• Put Budz in front of your phone
• After a few seconds, your Budz will start to battle!
• The winner keeps the beaten Bud

Winning trophies
Unlock trophies by collecting Budz, winning or losing battles, or by sharing battles on Facebook. Keep battling to see how many you can get!

Share on Facebook
Connect with Facebook to tell your mates when you’ve unlocked new Budz, won a battle, or earned a trophy.

Save your Budz in a safe place online by registering on the app. You’ll then be able to retrieve your Budz and print out new markers if you delete the app, or lose your mobile.